Personally, I have never related to an image more than the one above.

Sleep? What’s that?

Being a young parent there are primarily two options. One, don’t have a social life or two, stretch your limits in order to have one. I’ve chosen the second option.

Having a child often means your days are filled with well- your child. And personally, I am not the kind of parent to drag my child around social gatherings with friends on a regular basis. My daughter deserves her own life filled with activities that are beneficial to her development. Thus, I refuse to make her my “accessory”. So when do I go out you ask? Often times, I am heading out my door to see my friends in the late evening.Thankfully, my mother often will stay the night at Jane and I’s house in order to give me the opportunity to live a “normal life”. Forever grateful I am for this. Otherwise, I do sometimes have babysitting during the day, but I will admit the most of my socializing occurs at night.

Nothing can replace sleep, but coffee can do it’s best. I love coffee.- Kelley O’Hara

Although I love going out and spending time with friends late into the night and early morning hours, it physical destroys me. But if you’re a teen mother or someone who has no time during the day to socialize, you will know that feeling mentally alone is harder to bear than being physically drained. So i continue my late night ventures with friends- despite the fact that Jane wakes up everyday between 5:30am & 6:30am. Visiting the local pier, going out to restaurants late, hanging around our homes. It’s what keeps me centered, gives me some feeling left of the “teenage freedom” I had given up the summer of ’17. And with the majority of my friends leaving for college come this fall, I’m not willing to trade in my lack of sleep.

So Realistically, How Much Sleep Are We Talking?

    To be quite honest the amount of sleep I get depends on the night. If I go out with friends I typically come home around 2:00am, asleep by 2:30am and up by 6:00am. But I do it to myself- it’s a choice. Sure, the next day may be far more challenging, but I do have parental support and if i really needed help, they would be there to assist me. However, obviously my schedule will be far different when I start working full-time in a few weeks. Perhaps then my sleep will be average, not deprived. This will not last forever, similar to how Jane will not be waking up so dreadfully early forever (hopefully). No regrets-in life you do what you have to do.

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