quick blurb about the month of july:

Truthfully, the only thing that comes to mind when I reflect on this past July is holy shit, who knew actually adulting would be so fucking boring.

Excuse my vulgar language, but it’s the complete truth… and quite frankly if you can’t handle it you’re likely too young to be on a blog about an 18 year old who got knocked up a few years back, or you’re my mother… and in that case, sorry mom (*cough* click off <3).

But HONESTLY! Who knew that suddenly working two jobs(one of them being a very mundane office job), practically losing your social life due to lack of time, all while still trying to balance raising a child could be so exhausting. All of a sudden, once July hit I mentally went from feeling like a Hannah Montana, ‘best of both worlds’ queen to feeling like the audience after Miley Cyrus performed at the VMAs. I mean seriously! It was a COMPLETE culture shock.

new entry coming soon….

In the next entry i will be discussing how in the hell i plan to manage being a full time college student, while working everyday, as single teen mom….

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